A downloadable game for Windows

Install instructions

1.  Download 

2. Extract

3. Open executable

4. Play


GR3731.rar 80 MB


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I played this for my April Fools vid. I haven't found any way to get past the first obstacle in the game. If you adjust it to where it's possible to actually get past that first jump, I'll be more than happy to do a full actual playthrough for my channel. This vid isn't meant to be taken seriously :D

Im actually surprised that you made a video from our "game"
I want to thanks you for give it a try, since this is a project more than a game itself.
The problem with that is that we didnt even specified the controls from the game.

In this game you are able to stop time by pressing "Q". Looks like you already discovered the character movement (With A/D and Space)
When you press Q the water (in that case) stops, so you can jump at them and go to the next area.

For anything more, feel free to reply!


Ohhhh. Okay. Good to know!